About the Author:

My name is Marcello Falco, I was born in 1968 in Italy and I'm a Math and Physics teacher in the Italian High-School. I'm the Author of the applet 'Springs World 3D' and I'm also the Administrator of this web site. You can contact me in the site forum or filling this module.

About Springs World 3D:

The 'Springs World 3D' project has a story that begins in summer 2001. At that time I discovered sodaplay and I started to enjoy in playing with it. I was very busy with my PhD at the university and, moreover, I would have started my present job of teacher within few months. For this reason my first encounter with sodaplay was very short: just the time to make few models during the (many) breaks at the university (I had always ready in my computer a window with a Fortran program in case of an unexpected visit of my tutors :P).

In summer 2002 for the first time I had a lot of free time. I remembered of that fun applet and I began to play again with sodaplay. I had a kind of irresistible attraction to sodaplay: it was one of the smartest things I had ever seen in Internet. In that period I also began do ask myself if I were been able to reproduce that work with a program of mine. For this reason I did some virtual experiment of physics with that applet. In the same period it is also started my friendship with Jeffrey Barker: together with him I wrote a didactical paper about 'the physics behin the sodaconstructor'. That paper was ready in winter 2002 and it can be considered as the first step toward 'Springs World 3D'.

After, in order to verify the things I wrote in that paper, I programmed a 2D Fortran version of sodaplay: JSIM 2D. At that point a number of other users began to ask me to work to a 3D version of sodaplay so I started to work on 'Springs World 3D' in my spare time.

The Fortran version of 'Springs World 3D' was ready in the summer 2003. It was a non interactive 3D version of sodaconstructor. To create 3D models users were forced to codify their models by hand, using a simple text editor, in a difficult exercise of mental abstraction. In spite of this difficulty many users was able to construct incredible 3D models that you can still see in the Oldies section of this web site.

I knew that the lack of interactivity was a big limit of the Fortran version of sw3d so I began to think to an interactive version of sw3d. Unfortunately my programming knowledge was limited to the old Fortran programming language that, let's admit it, isn't so appropriate for an interactive application like that. For this reason the sw3d project had a break.

I tried to learn a bit of Java just in order to understand how difficult the realization of an interactive version of sw3d would have been: it would have been really hard so I left the project.

In the spring 2004 I discovered Processing: an awesome programming language that allows to manage computer graphic in very easy way (I suggest it to all of you). I understood immediately that now an interactive version of sw3d was possible: in few days I programmed a new preview version of sw3d and the last irreversible step toward this project was accomplished.

I worked to this project for more than a whole year (in the spare time obviously) and now, in the summer 2005, I'm proud to announce you all that the interactive 'Springs World 3D' is ready.

It was hard. I had to learn the Object Oriented Programming, a little of Java, the scripting language PHP and a bit of HTML so, sometime, I ask myself why I did it. The answer is easy: I did it just for fun!

Enjoy with Springs World 3D
Marcello Falco